Impactful interaction

Sutra’s mission is to connect people through deep listening and dialogue. Our software supports co-creative learning and collaboration based on presence and mutual support.

The heart of Sutra is small group interaction

Our emphasis is on the quality of interaction and relationship that occurs between people involved in any co-creative endeavor. The intention behind our work is to connect people in deeply human ways. We believe there has never been a greater need for presence in the world and our aspiration is to build software that fosters deep listening and empathy through community, collaboration, and learning.

Our story

Sutra was founded in 2015 after years of actively researching how communities function. Our effort explored ways to connect people within communities to share knowledge and resources, particularly around work. Through a journey of extended iteration and testing, we began to see how learning together can be a deep community building experience. Building tools that help people build community through learning and co-creation has become the focus of our work.

Sutra is currently evolving into an open source community supported project. If you’d like to be involved, please reach out.

Tidbit of Trivia

Sutra means “thread of knowledge” in Sanskrit. In Eastern Philosophy, knowledge is often passed down through short verses known as sutras. This process weaves a web of connection that supports the transmission of deep wisdom and understanding through direct experience and dialogue.

Our values

We've spent a lot of time exploring ways to articulate our values in a simple and authentic way. This diagram emerged somewhat spontaneously and captures the heart of our intention and worldview.

Let's collaborate...

Creating a safe space for deep connection and sharing to occur is hard. Our approach is part technology, part process, and part content. Emphasis is on the quality of presence and participation that each person brings to an interaction. We work with individuals and organizations to architect unqiue experiences that bring people together in authentic and meaningful ways.

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